Certified ADD and Career Coach

Facetime with a Real Certified Counselor

Our Values

  • Create a safe and trusting relationship
  • Recognize accomplishments
  • Focus on the client as a person
  • Provide consistent accountability
  • Encourages clients to move beyond thinking into appropriate action
  • Support client in developing workable structures to achieve their goals

Our Mission

To empower students and adults in finding their unique passions, gifts and talents in life and career.

Expert Resume Writing

As a resume writer I understand the importance of knowing who you are and how you want to be perceived as an ideal candidate. After our initial customized interview I will select and emphasize the right information to “paint the picture” of how you ‘are’ the ideal candidate for targeted positions.  I will use strategies to position you for the future you desire, in the world of work.

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In our coaching partnership, we will co-create and develop an action plan that will focus on making your interests and strengths apparent to you.  Our coaching partnership will reinforce and will identify a Career or a College Major that fits, utilizing your natural talents and strengths.  Once we have agreed, on an action plan, our coaching sessions will focus on keeping you moving forward toward your goal of a successful career.

As your AD/HD coach I will create a safe and constructive atmosphere, to help you identify the natural talents you have. We will strategize on the actions you can take to enlist your strengths and manage your weaknesses. You will learn to make life choices that are aligned with your natural self, resulting in the life you really want.

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As a Certified Leadership and Talent Management Coach I support the personal development process designed to enhance a leader’s success in achieving objectives for organization success. Customizing programs requested by specific groups is my forte.  When I facilitate I am mindful of the needs of each participant as I am passionate about finding the personal inner struggle and workings of the organization, to create a solution moving the group to the next level.

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