Case Studies

We have provided you with the following case studies and client stories in order to help you understand what is involved in the coaching process.


College Freshmen, Career Guidance & Coaching. Now Employed at Fortune 500 Company.

Having had a lot of experience and specializing in understanding the struggle students face when they go to college, it is evident that they have the expectation they should know what they want to do for the rest of their lives. The confusion and fear to decide alone can become almost paralyzing.

Nadia, like many students entering college, was quite frazzled when thinking about choosing a major and a career. She thought she was the only one who was struggling to make that decision. We started working together and first dispelled the myths of having to decide the rest of your life at 18 years old. Through coaching she began to realize that confusion is normal at this age, she didn’t even know who she was as a person yet; how could she know how to make such major decisions for her life?

We created a plan with logical steps for her to take, e.g., career assessments, research activities, interacting with professionals in various career arenas, talking with professors, etc. We met for approximately 3 months, at the end of which time Nadia had this to say “I now have a good feel for the career that best suits me and my personal beliefs, values and skills. Career coaching with Peggy helped me to overcome my fear of never finding that ‘perfect’ fit.

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Life Coaching - Focusing on Confidence. Started new Career as Marketing Manager. 

Kristen was in her late 20’s, frozen in her job search, lacked confidence, didn’t know how to present herself, and she had no direction. She was feeling depressed, unmotivated and lost. During our 3 month coaching engagement, she got her confidence back and began to present herself in a professional manner. With a reorganized resume reflecting her accomplishments we were able to demonstrate her strengths in creativity and marketing. She landed a position as a marketing manager.


Career Coaching - Transition Guidance from Corporate to Academic World

Engaging in multi listening and hearing what is not being said in terms of passion purpose and identifying the heart piece the client really wants to focus on is key.

Katelyn had been hired right out of school and was in a very productive job that paid good money. Yet, she was very unhappy and just knew there was more for her in her life and career. In the coaching partnership, we went into depth around what could be done to expand her creative possibilities into this area of her life. We focused on who she wanted to be and how the process of creativity was closely aligned with her heartfelt values.

She discovered her passion was in helping others and that she loved academia. She transitioned from the corporate world into a graduate program that put her in a career in higher education working with students.

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Diagnosed with ADHD. Struggled with Deadlines. Successfully landed his dream Life! 

Mike started working with Peggy at the end of his senior year of college.  He had not prepared himself much for transitioning into the world of work prior, as with his ADD it was a struggle for him to get his school projects done, and keep his GPA up at a good level.  Mike was a Computer Science major and his dream was to work for a Fortune 500 high-tech company like Google. Because Mike was a little behind in applying for jobs, after graduation Peggy helped him create a professional presence on social media to begin casting a wider net to be noticed.  She also created a powerful resume for him, and helped him learn the art of building and using his network to promote his valuable strengths.

Google found Mike on LinkedIn, as did other high-tech companies, and he received many invitations to interview. As a team they worked together via mock interview practice, after which Mike felt fully prepared to face the challenge of diving in and presenting himself in a professional way.  Within 60 days after graduating Mike landed a full-time position. He found one that was an excellent fit for his style of working and knew that he successfully landed his dream job!


College Senior, Diagnosed with ADHD. Graduated with 4.0 GPA.

When Alex first met with Peggy he was extremely stressed and his anxiety level was tipping the scales.  He was experiencing great challenges with focusing on school projects and not being able to get them done on time.  Alex was so behind in his coursework he was fearful of flunking out of college his junior year.

Peggy immediately realized that traditional coaching methods were not going to help Alex, as he had been diagnosed with ADHD as an adult.  After forming a coaching partnership, Peggy’s style of coaching supported Alex to feel empowered to quickly and easily identify the challenging situations that were barriers to his success in college.  He began to learn and use strategies that helped him organize and prioritize his course schedule in the ways that worked for his way of understanding the task at hands.  By identifying his strengths and his passions, he began to create a momentum for success.  Alex accomplished successfully organizing his life and completing school projects on-time, his last two years of college and graduated with a 4.0/4.0 GPA.  He is now happily working in a career that fits him and has great pride for his success.

months of coaching