The P. Killian Group offers the following services to help you achieve your personal development and career goals.


As a coach, Peggy Killian becomes a supportive partner and guide, helping clients identify what they really want. She has been trained and tested in the International Coaching Federation competencies.  Peggy's specialty areas in coaching are:  Generation Y students making career choices in college, adults in career and life transition, executives challenged by leadership and talent management issues, and adults with AD/HD.

As a great listener with a deep belief in her clients, Peggy helps them move forward and face the challenges in getting to the next level, is excited about seeing other people succeed and loves to be a champion for their accomplishments.


As a certified resume writer, Peggy has developed a deep appreciation of why strategy for the future must be the underlying foundation for every resume that is written.  She has mastered the skills and concepts of resume strategy and client positioning, as well as, resume formats, design and structures.


As a consultant and trainer, Peggy Killian is passionate about finding the personal inner struggles and workings of the organization to help create a solution moving the group to the next level.  Each group is unique; Peggy customizes the training to the needs of the group.  Her specialties are team building and communication styles, dimensions of leadership, and time mastery.